The yearly Investor Relations Nordic Markets-study by Regi is now closed.

Every year Regi carries out the largest study of listed companies. Both companies of mid cap and large cap participate in the study. Sell-side analysts rate companies they actively follow, based on both objective opinions and personal experience. This year’s study is based on more than 800 evaluations and 200 companies have
been evaluated. Some of the most significant insights this year are regarding ESG. The term stands for “environmental, social and governance” and is a measure of sustainability. Above all, it shows that 50% of the analysts don’t know if the companies are aware of future regulations in this area. Consequently, they don’t know if they are working proactively with it. This indicates deficiencies regarding either the communication or the work itself.

The study shows that the listed companies still have a lot of work to do regarding the ESG directives, or at least when it comes to communicating this to the analysts that actively follow them, says Robert Skölfman, CEO at Regi.

However, looking at longer cooperations, the analysts are more content. In longer cooperations analysts also seem to believe that the ESG reporting is a more valuable complement to the assessment of the company. Six out of ten analysts who covered the company for 6+ years believe the ESG reporting is a valuable complement to the ongoing assessment of the company. Compared to four out of ten when analysts worked with the company for less than 2 years.

Analysts who covered the companies longer are also more satisfied with the communication of ESG issues than the analysts who covered the company for shorter than 2 years. Sustainability continues to be one of the most relevant topics in 2022. The effects of working actively with it are both favorable for society and company profit.

The nominees for this years IR Nordic Markets will be announced the 9th of December.

Robert Skölfman
+46 70 770 5385

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